Press Room

Deborah Andersen
Brand & Marketing Manager
In the very early days of business our visionary, John Harley, was in a potential client meeting for ADR services. So new we hadn’t settled on branding decisions, John was asked for our company name. Feeling the adrenaline running through his veins and probably unconsciously influenced by earlier conversations John blurted out “ADRenaline”-coincidently including in our name an element of our service offerings. In the years since, we have developed our mission to eliminate language and sight-loss barriers.

Adrenaline enables content to be similarly experienced by individuals of varying abilities, without the loss of artistic integrity. As a division of the sound design agency VoiceArcive, our team at Adrenaline has concentrated on our skillset while captivating clients and surpassing expectations. Our passion is to ensure client success by tailoring each project to your needs.


VoiceArchive UK is a reality

A new force in the voice-over, audio- and post production industry has been created. VoiceArchive UK is the result of a recent merger between VoiceArchive and London dubbing and post production facility, ADRenaline Dub & Post. As Europe’s leading voice-over agency, VoiceArchive has built a global production setup, enabling them to service global brands like Google, AirBNB, BMW and Sony effectively. On the other hand, ADRenaline has the experience and modern technology necessary to produce professional lip sync and dubbing in many languages. — Read Release