VoiceArchive UK is a reality

A new force in the voice-over, audio- and post production industry has been created. VoiceArchive UK is the result of a recent merger between VoiceArchive and London dubbing and post production facility, ADRenaline Dub & Post.

As Europe’s leading voice-over agency, VoiceArchive has built a global production setup, enabling them to service global brands like Google, AirBNB, BMW and Sony effectively. On the other hand, ADRenaline has the experience and modern technology necessary to produce professional lip sync and dubbing in many languages. When combined, both companies are taken to an entirely new level.

Stefan Werge, CEO of VoiceArchive Global explains, “By extending the capability of our services to include theatrical lip-sync dubbing for film, TV and games, we manifest VoiceArchive as a true full-service voice-over agency. The UK office strengthens our local presence and ability to understand and meet the need of our UK customers. It is a perfect match”.

VoiceArchive UK opens just nine months after VoiceArchive US opened a sales office in New York City. “Global brands need consistency in their brand communication in each language. We ensure this in our voice-over production, by working from the local environments” Stefan concludes.

Efficient Dubbing Technology

The VoiceArchive UK dubbing facility will utilize the Bande Rythmo technique, which allows for fast and super-accurate lip sync. It is an old technique developed in France, which has now been made efficient by modern technology. The newly appointed CEO of VoiceArchive UK, John Harley, elaborates, “The Bande Rythmo Software enables us to push the boundaries of quality and lead time for professional dubbing”. The efficiency is apparent from the hundreds of many series, cartoons, documentaries and movies that has been dubbed by ADRenaline in the company’s relatively short lifespan. “Once a voice talent has tried the Bande Rythmo technique a couple of times, you really start to see how they are able to channel most of their energy into acting” John explains “We can produce perfect lip syncs in one take, which translates both the verbal and non-verbal communication from the original speech.”

The efficiency of the dubbing technique and -software is especially important to the management of VoiceArchive. The expectations are that it will both make the company highly competitive on the existing dubbing market, as well as, open new possibilities for companies who have not previously used dubbing due to the traditional high costs. “With the merger, VoiceArchive is enriched by both dubbing experience, competence and a benchmark software. We couldn’t wish for more” Stefan concludes.

John Harley brings several decades of voice-over and commercial experience into the company. Despite first getting paid as a voiceover artist over 30 years ago, John found himself lured into the alcohol business, eventually emerging as the CEO of a well-known beer brand. Returning to his first love, he established ADRenaline Dub & Post in London, a company that quickly gained traction in the market, leading to the recent merger between ADRenaline and VoiceArchive.

The team will start out as four persons, and we are currently looking for the number four (See the job advert here). The new VoiceArchive team will attend the Media Production Show in London on June 9th and 10th, where you can meet them and learn more about our dubbing and ADR services.

Additional VoiceArchive Facts

  • The UK office will open in North West London in July 2016
  • Established in 2005
  • Part of Arnsbo Media Group
  • Offers full-service voice-over production
  • Works with more than 1.500 professional voice talents
  • All voice talents speak in their native language
  • Customers include global brands such as BMW, Google, AirBnB and Sony